I remember my Mom laying on our friends couch when she was pregnant with my little brother. She was wearing something white and her belly was big. Then I remember her sitting on that couch holding my baby brother. I remember being afraid to go close to her, I just stood there looking at her and feeling nervous. The memory is kind of hazy around the edges. My Mom’s face is pretty clear, and the couch. It was a brown and tan couch with a plaid pattern in it. She said something to me, but I don’t remember what it was. I had just turned 5yo.

I remember being in kindergarten class. The teacher sat in a rocking chair at the front of the room and called us to sit near her on the floor so she could read to us. We sat on an oval braided rug with dark multi colors in it. While the teacher was reading I picked my nose and looked up at the teacher. She saw what I was doing and frowned and shook her head at me. I stopped and wiped my finger under the edge of the rug. I remember feeling scared when I saw her looking at me and then I looked down and I felt my face get hot.

I remember the day we first moved into our house the summer before I started kindergarten. I remember riding my tricycle on the sidewalk in front of the house and seeing a girl around my age a crossed the street looking at me. I said “Hi.” and she turned and ran inside her house. I was disappointed and I told my Mom about it and she laughed. Later the girl came over with her Mom and I remember feeling kind of nervous and curios. We ended up becoming best friends and played together all the time.

I remember one day playing with my friend in her yard where her family had put in a new fence. This memory is very clear, I remember the whole scene. There was a pile of dirt by the fence in the back yard. She and I started playing in the dirt and using the hose to get it a little wet. The dirt had a lot of natural clay in it and we had a grand time making clay figures. I made a large elephant about a foot long and a foot high. It turned out pretty sturdy and I wanted to show it to my Mom. I carried it home and sat it on the side of our front porch and went inside to tell my Mom and asked her to come look at it. She said she would look at it later because she was busy. Then I heard a noise at the front door. Next to the door we had skinny, tall windows. In the window on the left side I saw another neighbor’s little girl’s head stick up in the window, then she suddenly fell down and then ran away. I opened the front door and found that she had stepped on my elephant to see in the window. Now my elephant was just a pile of dry clay dirt. I was so disappointed that I wanted to cry. But when I complained to my Mom, she just laughed and thought it was funny and said I should forgive the girl for ruining it because she didn’t know any better. I was disappointed I couldn’t show my mom the elephant and also disappointed that my Mom didn’t care that it got ruined and she didn’t get to see what I had made.