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Relaxing and Meditation

A website with some useful how-to for relaxing by relaxing your muscles, self-guided relaxation.

An article about eastern relaxation techniques and how they are not safe for Christians.

Three articles about biblical meditation.

Not really meant for relaxation, but I feel relaxed after spending time on this. I think that’s because I have been focused on God and His wisdom and His love for us. Sometimes I can’t sleep and if I use the time reading the Bible and meditating on it, then I feel a bit draggy the next day but also uplifted. I am trying to spend more time in biblical meditation because I like the way I feel during and after it. I still don’t do it every day, but I would like to. I am praying for help to do that.


Christian Music Collection

When I am feeling hurt, having a PTSD attack, flashbacks, overwhelmed with life circumstances and then there is the opposite situation when I am feeling very happy, looking at a beautiful sky or other wonder of creation–that’s when I remember to turn to God in praise.

The following links are to Christian music on YouTube that moves me to praise God. (I can’t believe how much music is on YouTube! I am surprised that copywritten material is allowed.) These songs are some of my most favorite. I have to sing when I hear them!

You Raise Me Up

Because He Lives

Michael W Smith

Above All


Open the Eyes of My Heart

Awesome God

Casting Crowns

Voice of Truth

Who Am I

Does Anybody Hear Her

Praise You In This Storm

Life Song

East to West

Mercy Me

I Can Only Imagine

Chris Tomlin

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Our God

Sing, Sing, Sing

I Will Rise

Our God is Greater

How Can I Keep From Singing

Jeremy Camp

There Will Be A Day

Beautiful One

You Never Let Go

Mighty to Save

Matt Redman

Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul

You Never Let Go

Energizing Relaxation

I found Rod Stewart, again, today on–

This is relaxing in a different way. The excitement of the songs takes my mind off other things and makes me smile, bounce with the music and laugh. I love the sound of his band–the mandolin, acoustic guitars, fiddle, piano, drums… what a great combination. It leaves me energized. Not good for nighttime before bed, but I think a pick-me-up out of the blues during the day!

Why Relaxing is Important

I found this website and loved reading it–

I decided to make a category about how and why I spend time relaxing. I will include music, pictures, videos, books, etc. that help me to relax and relaxation techniques how-to. I believe relaxing is important to my health and working in this category will help me to make relaxing more of a conscious effort! I hope you also find this helpful and fun.

I just discovered Percy Faith, an orchestra leader from a while ago. I first found one of his songs on–

Then I looked him up–

Then I found a whole bunch from him on youtube. I think music without words is the most calming. I can float away on the music.

I love being able to watch the musicians in these videos:

Here are some more without the live video:

There are more!

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